Friday, February 7, 2020

My Position On A Healthcare Or Social Issue Essay

My Position On A Healthcare Or Social Issue - Essay Example ld be afforded quality healthcare is the main concern and how to go about it when most of these individuals are employed secretively without contributions to major healthcare services. From a personal view, I believe illegal immigrants should be granted the same quality healthcare provisions as the American citizen regardless of their financial or career status. There are many risks associated with hospitals and clinical environments when dealing with illegal immigrants, as many diverse demographics of immigrants do not have access to the same variety of healthcare providers as those who contribute weekly to such programs through their place of employment. The risks include non-payment after services have been rendered or simply having this group exploit the system through fraudulent activities. Even though there are failsafes to prevent this, in areas of the country where there are concentrated populations of immigrants, this becomes a significant concern especially for the self-practicing physician networks that rely on timely revenues from patients. Illegal immigrants, especially certain ethnic groups, have large family networks either domestically-born or travelling as a group into the country without governmental support. Poor wages and lack of access to quality healthcare providers, such as Health Alliance Plan or Blue Care Network, bring into question whether or not these large family groups will be pursuing medical treatment on an ongoing basis as part of preventative care services. There is already over-crowding in certain clinical environments which puts tremendous strain on physicians and patients alike, thus these immigrants pose risks to the general community population. However, the reason I feel so strongly about the importance of providing healthcare to this group, regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds, is due to my personal beliefs on the ethical value of human beings. The American healthcare system is one of the most advanced in the

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